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Biggest increases London's dramatic loss of white British residents is represented by a splash of yellow and orange. Outside the capital, the dominant blues tell a story of an increasing white British population. In some places the rise is quite marked. The dozen authorities with the highest percentage increase in the white British population are almost all found in eastern England.

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Only the affluent boroughs of Richmond and Kingston along the river to the west prevent the completion of the orange doughnut. Many residents from Barking and Dagenham will have taken the train along the Thames Estuary towards Southend on a work excursion easstern the old beano to the seaside. It is a story unitev aspiration. Biggest increases London's dramatic loss of white British residents is represented by a splash of yellow and orange. Leigh is a particular favourite.

Why have the white british left london?

One male pensioner was hoping to relocate to Clacton - a seaside town on the Essex coast now nicknamed Little Dagenham. But there is also a story here of white working class families that escaped from the slums and bombed-out East End in the middle of the last century, found new opportunities in London's outer boroughs and then, in the past decade - often having prospered from the housing boom and the capital's economic growth - cashed in their assets chines bought themselves that little cottage in the countryside or by the sea.

Although Barking and Dagenham's population declined slightly in the s and 70s, the last years of the 20th Century saw it rise again.

The kingsom also saw the Ford plant contract and ultimately the company announced it was closing down. But did they leave willingly or were they forced to move? The first direct rail freight service from China to the UK has completed its day trip and arrived in London.

Even central boroughs that experienced a decline in white British oingdom have seen an increase in the of white residents. Some had also benefited from redundancy pay-outs and pension deals offered by Ford.

First freight train from china arrives in london

The 27, houses on the Becontree estate were described as homes for heroes, often allocated to the families of World War I servicemen. China Railway already runs services between China and other European cities, including Madrid and Hamburg. They keep bumping into old school friends, realising that they were ing a sizeable population of migrants from the borough.

Ten containers were taken off at the German cargo hub of Duisburg. The economic engine of the borough was being switched off, leading many of the local people to think about their future.

Update GMT. In Westcliff, part of Southend, I met a family who recently cashed in their three-bedroom house in Barking for a six-bedroom home by the sea. Yiwu Timex Industrial Investments, which is running this service with China's state-run railways, says prices are half that of air cargo and cut two weeks off the journey time by sea.

First freight train from china arrives in london

However, the rail firms say the service is still cheaper than air freight and faster than sending goods by sea. A local councillor told me how his parents had sold up and bought a large cottage with a quarter-acre of garden in Lincolnshire.

With a time-lapse camera, it would appear that London is pulsing as generations and ethnic groups move up and move out. Some still do, looking out of the window as the industrial landscape gives way to green fields and open wetlands teeming with birds.

British chinese -

The dozen authorities with the highest percentage increase in the white British population are almost all found in bbarking England. When Ford opened its giant plant at Dagenham intens of thousands of jobs provided income security in the midst of profound economic depression. A closer look at London reveals how many neighbourhoods in the outer boroughs have seen ificant falls in the white British population - Newham, Brent, Haringey, Enfield, Ealing, Hounslow, Merton and Lewisham almost form a ring around the capital.

In the s and 30s, tens of thousands of families were moved out of the inner city slums and into the huge council estates which had been built in the borough. The story of Barking and Dagenham is the story of the white working class EastEnders.

Eastern paradise, barking

The train left the city of Yiwu, on China's east coast, this month and travelled 7, miles 12,kmcrossing seven countries, before arriving at a freight depot in Barking. To find out, I have been to Barking and Dagenham, a London borough which has seen a phenomenal change in its cultural make-up over the past decade or so.

Their new homes had indoor toilets and often a small garden. The service delivered 34 containers of clothes and high street goods.

First freight train linking uk with china arrives in yiwu | news | dw |

In some places the rise is quite marked. Last year, 1, freight trains made the voyage to Europe, more than double barkng figure. Only mid-Devon falls outside a horseshoe of largely rural authorities extending south and east from the Fens. On Dagenham's main shopping street, I met a of white locals who were planning to leave the borough.

The rest made up the first cargo train from China to arrive in London at Barking's Eurohub freight terminal. Outside the capital, the dominant blues tell a story of an increasing white British population. The capital's buoyant property market meant that anyone who Briercrest on the housing ladder would see their home become a valuable investment during the first 10 years of the new millennium.

I was introduced to Victor and Victoria, whose parents came to Britain from Ghana in the 50s. Some white British may have moved because their neighbourhood has been culturally transformed, the tea rooms and restaurants replaced by takeaway chicken shops and halal supermarkets serving the new aestern. It is a different story in Barking and Dagenham. London is the 15th European city to find its way on to the ever-expanding map of destinations for China's rail cargo. He works for London Transport and she is a nurse in the NHS - typical of the professional black families who've arrived from inner London to take advantage of available housing as the borough's white residents leave.

Another woman says she had her eyes set on a little cottage in Leigh-on-Sea near Southend.

The 10 best chinese restaurants in dagenham, updated december - tripadvisor

Change in white British population in London between and Show borough names Inner London saw some places losing the white British population, but quite a - coloured blue - bucked the trend and recorded an increase. The people moving into the borough tend to be of black African heritage. In order to make the journey, a of different locomotives and wagons were used as the railways of the former Soviet Union chinwse have a larger rail gauge.

It would appear that, in the first decade of the 21st Century, the dream of escaping to the country became a reality for tens of thousands of urban white Britons.

About sharing media captionThe first freight train from China to the UK arrives in London, having crossed seven countries. It was a cue for the families who had left London's East End in the middle of the 20th Century to move on again at the start of the 21st. Over the past decade or so, towns along the railway line between Fenchurch St and Shoeburyness have seen ificant increases to the white British population.

In the first 10 years of the new century, the of full-time jobs in Barking and Dagenham fell by a quarter.