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She also appeared in the companion novel Pretty Little Secrets. She is the daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings, sister of Spencer Hastings, and half-sister to the twins Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis, which are the result of an affair her father Peter had with the twins' mother Jessica. Melissa attended high school at Rosewood Day School dafing graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. According to Spencer's description hastints Melissa, she closely looks to Mrs. Hastings Any ladies up bored looking the physical appearance, with her chin-length ash blonde hair and blue eyes; Spencer sarcastically described her sister as "a perfect little clone.

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Melissa insists she's not taking sides, but Spencer doesn't believe it, reminding her sister that she's letting Peter stay in her apartment.

Spencer further comments that she saw her sister's computer, and knows that Melissa was looking up flights. Melissa quickly dismisses the gift by stating and Spencer deduces their father didn't pay Alison. Melissa attended high school at Rosewood Day School and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Melissa at first refuses because he broke her heart and she was still getting over Wren, but with Spencer's nudge, she agrees to meet Thomas.

After asking if anyone had brought in a dark gray SUV, one of the mechanics insists they can't help her.

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When Spencer orders a vodka free, Melissa proclaims the waitress she's joking and simultaneously orders the same drink as their father. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Afterwards, Melissa reappears in a flashback with her ex-boyfriend, Ian Thomas, hanging out at the Hastings residence.

Later, russjan Ian returns to Rosewood, Spencer tried mending her relationship with Melissa by setting them up together for coffee. However, he eventually hooked up again with Melissa, who eventually made sure that he would be out of both of their lives for good.

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After a while, Wife wants nsa Owyhee reveals to Spencer that she doubts this, because he left after they had planned to name their child Taylor. Near the ending of the episode, Melissa sets up a camera to record a message for Spencer. This announcement angers Spencer because their parents agreed for her to move in instead. Emily informs him the car she was talking about matches the one she was investigating and asks if he knew who drove it the night before.

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Spencer is simply stunned at her affirmations. As Spencer reaches for the in Peter's hand, Melissa manages to grab it first. She has an irregular heartbeat and is being looked at by specialists. Melissa accuses her sister of being selfish, whilst Spencer argues that not every deed Melissa does takes Spencer's best interests into.

Spencer tells her that she's sticking with her original plan to head back to Rosewood, to which Melissa comments she's barely had a chance to see her. Shaking her head, Melissa picks up the rat trap and garbage bag, before dropping the animal into a Housewives seeking nsa Plato and making a snarky comment on how "she needs to wash her hands". After a while, she reveals to Spencer that she doubts this, because he left after they had planned to name their child Taylor.

Melissa is then seen spying on Aria talking over the phone to her doctor about her infertility issues.

Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his hxstings, something Melissa does not deny. While Melissa seemed to love him, Wren didn't seem to feel the same level of affection, which caused him to prefer and kiss Spencer and jeopardize his engagement with Melissa. She sees them through an oval mirror but avoids confrontation.

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The person responsible for his fall was later divulged to be an alive Alison, hasitngs reveals in A is for Answers that she witnessed her ex-boyfriend stumble away afterwards. Her relationship with Spencer takes a turn for the worst when Spencer comes out with her beliefs about Ian's guilt, although Ian doesn't outwardly display anger in front of the Hastings clan.

It is revealed through flashbacks that when Melissa dated Hastnigs Thomas, Spencer made out with him once, though Melissa never found out. Veronica confirms that Melissa does not know about this.

Melissa hastings

He then walks away. July Melissa is inserted into the story as the protagonists begin to receive the messages from " A ". Melissa had miscarried the day after she found Ian's body. Their parents force them to spend time together at their grandmother's beach house in an attempt to reconcile their relationship, but it only has moderate, short-lived success.

When Melissa fails to meet Spencer, she is caught with Garrett Reynolds.

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Spencer asks why he didn't instruct Melissa to report the situation to the authorities, but he russsian they feared the police wouldn't believe Melissa's story. Nevertheless, Melissa remains insistent that both of their parents have lied before and still are. Alex leaves, and Spencer suspects her sister's hand in it, though she's unaware of what was precisely said. July Melissa is russiah into the story as the protagonists begin to receive the messages from " A ".

Later in the episode, Spencer finds a gift addressed to her on the table with a note that says "Looking forward to the dance".

She further adds that Veronica went out of her way to track down her friend that works at St. She frre confronted by Spencer, and admits to having disguised herself as the entity whilst under Mona's orders when she was "A". Afterwards, Melissa asks Spencer if anyone had been in the barn lately, to which Spencer divulges hastingz last person to crash there was her sober buddy, prompting Melissa to make a remark on how he was a lousy housekeeper.

Melissa hastings -

Spencer asks her sister to protect her over Ian, datiing Melissa snaps back angrily. Melissa divulges to Spencer that she went to see Garrett to talk about Ian. The next day, Spencer once more confronts her father at their home, accusing him of protecting Melissa of Charlotte's murder. Thus, the rivalry for their parents' attention began. She has been accused of being " A " multiple times, and has held grudges against the Liars, yet has seemingly displayed affectionate and overprotective behavior towards her sister.

Melissa makes a remark on how "honesty does not come easy" for the Hastings family. Melissa is later seen at the Hastings residence, worrying over a reporter potentially withholding information regarding the confession tape she made her sister about the truth of Bethany Young's murder.

Melissa is then seen on her iPad when Spencer returns home from her date with Wren.