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You go to somewhere "straight" like Hush then go to Cassidys and you feel like you are getting a bad deal. Haven't been out in Mbro for years.

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I would rather spend ob saturday night in the indie clubs like the Empire or Needle Damage on a thursday it seems there are more gay people with the Women seeking nsa Oglesby intentions. Strings had weird decor a bit like a sauna or summat but the atmosphere was much more like a proper club rather than a meat market like Cassidy's! Cassidys don't do free drinks on a Thursday, you dont hav to pay and nobody goes anyway.

Plenty of sttockton there for you to make new friends.

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Boro is possibly the drabbest most borein place i have found myself in. Simon they have a male stripper at the oak charlie Jacz - is that a gay place in hartlepool?

I'm from Canada but come over a lot. Others will hate it. You started yr night in Annies or The Oak which had just opened-it was great to have teee non-scuzzy barthen Cassidy's for a bit until the music just got too shit to bear and then staggered round to Strings.

Who knows, maybe Cassidy's will return to the vibrant place it was 10 years ago. Beccy i luv all the sexy girls at cassidys! Sorry about that.

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I wan to open a gay bar and am gay myself. Susie Are there any lesbian bars or clubs in Teesside? Annie's is more popular than The Oak with the older folk, and the atmosphere is always friendly and lively, especially when the karaoke is on.

Claire B Annies bar is great,very friendly I always have a good night in there especially Tuesdays then on to The Crown for a good boogy on down! Some people will be entirely happy with the "scene" as it is. I think Club Attitude in Hartlepool onn popular with lesbians as well. They need to speak out.

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S Maltese Student in Middlesbrough Im 18 and im gay Next Door to Binns there was a club called Centrefold and that had a gay night as did the function room in The Grand a pub near the railway station not to mention the striperw bar Tees-side Uni bar. Could anyone recommend a place to go tonight and tomorrow night??? The music in Cassidys is just awful, it goes beyond cheesy!!

Whether you're just going out for a quiet drink or want to make a night of it, the Middlesbrough gay scene really can stdipers what you want. Bezzajo I am a straight 35 year old woman and I enjoy hanging out with my gay friends on the "scene". Love to you all my darlings.

I don't think isolating ourselves in some sort of self-imposed ghetto helps? At that time there were lo of gay places around.

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Jimmy2Times I disagree with the comment that there is no fighting in Crassidys. It's dead depressing to go out and there's stripwrs 2 other people there.

See ya's all out Mark I have not been out in Boro for years I live in ingleby so not far to go, but it does not sound the same place I used to love state 52 now annies Sundays upstairs at the empire and u had to run the guntlet of the DJ between the door and the bar and pray he did not see you and say some thing, I am single 35 and would Ladies seeking sex tonight Barstow Maryland a place where I could meet ppl and chat as well as listen to music a chill room would be good, no scum no fights O and why do all the Queens on ingleby Barwick pretent to be str8t even the realy camp ones?

Come on you guys, lets ask the DJ's in Cassidy's for better music!! Matthew My opinion of the gay scene in Middlesbrough has certainly changed over the last 10 years that I have been 'Out'.

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I'm moving there in September! Where is it? Manchester has lots of great bars like Vanilla but they are all members only which sucks if your going up there for a one off night out Paul Somebody told me there is a gay night at the Empire, how class would that be, something different to crappidies, does anyone know if it is going ahead?

It was lo better then cos Strings was still there. But feel that sometimes theres no pleasing gays in boro.