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Russian massage therapist brighton

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Russian massage therapist brighton

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But it led investigators to a gigantic fraud they're calling the Big Organized Russian Insurance Scam. At least that's how it seemed to six young Russians driving on the Southern State Parkway. They had left the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn--known as "Little Odessa" for rssian large Russian emigre population--more than an hour ago. It was now after eight o'clock.

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The report noted that the address of one of the female passengers was identical to an address given by a different female passenger in a different accident two weeks earlier.

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Just a lone male driver with New York plates. And the driver, who had done this many times before, was insisting on a "regular guy.

The two passengers in the back seat jumped out, the driver of the lead car jumped in, and they drove away. He tried to swerve into the left lane, but the front of his car collided with the rear of the lead car.

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There had been a switch, and the actual driver--who had recruited Yevgeny and the others and planned the accident--had fled the scene in a second car. Soon after he started Goldstein began to notice a of suspicious occurrences at the clinic. Dressed in a black suit, wrinkled white shirt, and nondescript tie, his thinning gray hair framing a round face, Smith does not cut an imposing figure. Sometimes he traveled there in style, Really just looking a livery cab paid for by the clinic.

He told the BBC a Prince song was played during the russsian for the Portslade-based dancer, and his ashes will be buried with his grandmother's in Spain on Monday.

They are used to it. What he told them was startling. When the state trooper arrived to take his accident report, a young Russian who had been a passenger in the lead car identified himself as the driver. Yevgeny says the owner of the clinic and the manager who admitted him both knew he wasn't injured.

Because they live the life of kings and queens. The list of indictments includes passengers; the "runners" who recruited them and orchestrated the accidents; the doctors who "diagnosed" and "treated" the victims; the medical clinics that processed their insurance claims; and the financiers the district attorney alleges are the masterminds of a bdighton and interconnected criminal enterprise.

Vasily also revealed the name of a man who he said had trained him: Aleksandr Tarashchansky. The young Masdage listed on the police report as the driver of the car--we will call him Yevgeny--confessed. The young man in the back seat chatted nervously with the girl--the stranger--sitting next to him. In 13 states, including New York, drivers pay an insurance premium that covers themselves and the occupants of their car.

One of them stayed in a back room and drank vodka all day. The owners would interrupt him and say, "Let's move it.

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While a of crash dummies, runners, and doctors have agreed to cooperate with the investigation, many of those indicted--including all of the financiers--are fighting the charges vigorously. To understand how the mills operate, it is important to have a basic understanding of no-fault law. The firm was issuing checks to Igor Chanmin and other doctors. In the event of an accident, each driver's insurance company pays its own client's expenses up front.

If they choose, victims also have the opportunity to sue the other driver--but only for "bodily injury and emotional distress. Lines radiating from each icon bgighton with others. In order to bill an insurance company for medical services under no-fault, a medical PC has to file the claim.

But he isn't russoan whether any of the medical providers did. All were under 30, and most had met that night for the first time. But nobody's ever gotten to this level before--where you find an investor who has set up 20 medical companies for the sole purpose of committing insurance fraud.

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The boat wouldn't start, however, so they left him, still alive, in a bloody heap on the dock. The events surrounding another doctor indicted in the ring, Igor Chanmin, sound ready-made for an episode of The Sopranos. They were deep in the suburban sprawl of Long Island, and they still hadn't spotted one. It is unclear at this stage what caused the fall. But what he told them next came as a surprise.

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hherapist Suffolk County detectives James Mihalik and Tom Collins arrested the four Russians and confronted them with the evidence. They surmised that the other accidents might be connected the same way. The prison sentences are more limited.

The Russian managers didn't seem to know much about medicine.