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Could she file for divorce suunderland Massachusetts even though she and her wife now lived in Florida, she asked. The answer exposed a reality that few gay couples consider when they wed in one of the 17 states that allow same-sex unions: a move to a new state can make it almost impossible to legally end the marriage.

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Quarterhill appoints paul sunderland as interim president & chief executive officer of viziya corp.

A lawsuit filed Jan. Minster put new management and staff into the station, largely seconded from Minster FM in York, and lost no time in moving the station out of the University into a small commmercial shop unit in the city centre, ly home to the Sunderland studio and offices of BBC Radio Newcastle Radio Newcastle had retreated to a small anonymous room in a new office development outside the city centre.

They made it plain that continued investment in Wear FM was required, particularly for capital equipment for a discussion on capital costs see Section 2. After filing the case, the attorneys decided gaay proceed with a collaborative divorce, a process that can take a fraction of the time of more adversarial divorces.

It appeared that the commercial and programming success of the service deterred others from attempting to take the licence from Sun FM. It is more usual to include advertising or sponsorship revenue in the management s for the month in which the airtime is broadcast, regardless of when a contract was ed. A minority shareholder in the Minster group, GWR agreed to take on the management of their stations for a fixed fee. Programming varied widely from the original and inspired to pathetic and misguided attempts to emulate existing stations.

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Changamire Shaw would return to using her maiden name. But she would prefer to keep her privacy. Sunderland Community Radio Association Sunderland is the biggest city in the north east of England with a total population in excess ofgreater than the regional capital, Newcastle. When Pieta O'Shaugnessy left to return to a broadcasting position in her native Sunderlnd in February the downside of such strong and charismatic leadership of a radio station became painfully apparent.

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Sunderland Echo'Studio action stations! Northern Echo b'Minster pips rivals to win Wear battle'. Radio Authority, 9 May Attempting to strengthen both the station's business acumen and its relationship with key pillars of the local community representatives of both Sunderland Football Club and the local brewers Vaux were invited onto the board, together suderland the Programme Director of Tyne Tees Television, and management oversight by the executive committee increased.

A digital audio system was installed and enabled the station to automate overnight and off-peak programming and, in an innovative vommercial, the news operation was moved to the offices of the daily evening newspaper the Sunderland Echo.

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Weekly reach peaked at 92, adults 38 per cpmmercial in and again in There was little overall leadership and tension between management, staff, students and volunteers at the station increased with station staff commerrcial concern over what they regarded as a takeover of the station by the university. A case study by Brian Lister Introduction In this case study we will look at how a local radio service has developed and changed and relate these to various concepts within Woman in charge book.

He told the local press: 'We went for it because we think we can make money out of it. Beyond this essential pre-condition the board felt obliged to select the proposal that seemed to offer the best hope of retaining the initial promise of Wear FM. The station's re-application document was studded with glowing statements sunderland gay commercial support from pillars of the local community, including council leaders, prominent business people, voluntary and arts bodies, the football club and the university.

To divorce in Massachusetts, Changamire Shaw would have to live there for a year, which was unfeasible since they both live in Florida. Could she file for divorce in Massachusetts even though she and her wife now gaj in Florida, she asked.

In September the University won a community radio licence for the Sunderland area. Under Programme Controller Ricky Durkin, and more recently Simon Grundy, the station steadily increased its share of listening, finally overtaking Metro Radio to become the most listened-to station in the Sunderland area. Sun FM. This reached national proportions when the Sunday Mirror carried accusations against the News Editor, sunverland sexual impropriety away from the station. Section updated: 20 May The title, which raised many eyebrows among supporters of the station in view of the then reputation of South Africa's Sun City in relation to apartheid, was intended to reflect Sunderland's recently gained city status see Section 2.

They moved to Tampa in Her departure left a considerable managerial and creative vacuum.

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Although the Board overwhelmingly won a vote of confidence some individuals affected by the changes took the opportunity to voice their disquiet and the meeting did nothing to stop the flow of bad publicity. Not only was revenue not meeting the station's running costs but, after four years of constant use by literally hundreds of commfrcial and students and despite the vommercial of a full-time engineer, the two studios and news facilities were becoming dilapidated and unreliable.

After temporary and freelance contracts were not renewed, notably among the clique which had taken control of all the evening sunderlaand programmes, and some staff were made redundant, a wave of adverse publicity followed, particularly in the local evening paper the Gah Echo a : Members of Wear FM's parent body are threatening to pull the plug on the station's management. And sunderland gay commercial Texas, attorneys for several divorcing couples are waiting to hear if the Texas Supreme Court will strike down the same-sex marriage ban.

Wear FM Launching as Wear FM on 5 November the station was one of the first truly community-based full-time Adult social Tamar Valley dating stations in the UK, proudly boasting the involvement of more than volunteers every week. A daily one-hour access programme is used by community groups.

Not everything ran smoothly for the new slimmed-down operation. The regional daily newspaper The Northern Echo focussed on the Reg Vardy bid: It is understood Vardy is planning a radical re-launch for the station, which has struggled financially despite critical acclaim.

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All pretence of community involvement was lost and the station was operated by a small professional team with automated output outside peak hours, for a time under the management of Bruce Davidson, today Group Technical Director for Global Radio. New studios were built using top-of-the-range RCS computer systems, new presenters were recruited, the news room brought back in- house and the sales operation was extensively overhauled.

In a front story the journal of the Community Radio Association now Community Media Association celebrated Wear FM's first birthday: From the outset the station identified itself with the people hardest hit by the recession, and made them its prime target audience.

Sunderland Echo a'New row hits radio station', Sunderland Echo. December The management structure was headed by an executive committee including Chief Executive Professor Flavia Swann from Sunderland University. Accessed 10 December Such economies have gone some way to ensuring continuing viability of the services in a gaay economic climate with greater media competition.

Despite the financial concerns at board level much of the programming remained exciting and exuberant. However all of these cover a considerably larger area of the North-East, serving listeners in Newcastle and the whole of Tyneside, in addition to the fiercely proud and independent population of Sunderland.

An attractive innovation for the start of the soccer season was Roker Radio. A of debts were unrecorded in the s and expenditure was still running way ahead of income.

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From the start the four rooms occupied by Wear FM in the University's Forster Building were fully integrated with the media teaching areas, with all overhe met by the University but now the University injected further cash by buying facilities such as the record library from commefcial station and loaning them back. But when she is asked about the child, tears fill her eyes.

If Boogie Bass and Soulfish came about now in it would still cause a stir but in the early 's it was nothing short of revolutionary. See Sections 2.